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  1. I'm looking for film runner strips and pressure skate for my Kinoton FP38 EC. These need to be the type for the E series of projectors, not the standard direct drive ones (until last week I didn't realize that there was a difference in these parts). I've attached an image showing the differences between these - the ones I'm looking for are on the right. Anyone have any of these for sale? Or know where I might be able to get them from? As far as I'm aware, Kinoton is out of the film business entirely now. If it helps, the Kinoton code numbers are as follows: runner strips: 1000 463 17005 pressure skate: 1000 463 17007
  2. Ich suche: 16-mm-Tongerät für Kinoton FP38 E. Mit oder ohne digitale Audio-Delay-Karten. Sehe Bild unten. Danke! I'm looking for a 16mm soundhead for a Kinoton FP38 E. With or without the digital audio delay cards. See image below. Thanks!
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