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  1. For sale/trade: Kinoton KEX 170 (electronic xenon rectifier). Will consider a sale or swap for red ISCO lenses. Please contact me through PM. Danke.
  2. For sale: Two 35mm XXX shorts from the early 1970:s. The shorts are approx. 1000ft/300m each. The shorts looks like they are featuring "CINDY WEST" and "JUSTINA LYNN" or possibly "JOAN DEVLON". These two shorts would be offered as a set. The condition is good to excellent. Some fading on the shorts. Please send PM if you are interested.
  3. For sale: 2 x 35mm D600 DTS readers in excellent condition. Asking €195 each or both for €295. Please send PM if you are interested.
  4. Hello friends, I am looking for a nice 35mm Print "MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL" (1997) OV (Vintage material and shorts, cartoons etc. for trade). Please send PM if you can help out. Thank you in advance/danke.
  5. For sale: DTS 6D (Blue player with three cd-roms). The player has been tested recently. Boots up, reads discs fine in all three trays. The unit looks to be in excellent condition. Sold as is - no warranty. Comes with one or two DTS D600 35mm readers. Please send PM if interested. Danke.
  6. Hello! I am looking to buy/trade for a 35mm OV print of "RISKY BUSINESS" (1983). In english without subtitles in nice condition. I can offer vintage film material such as: 35mm cartoon collection, 35mm music videos, vintage short films etc. Please send PM if you can help. Danke.
  7. For sale: A roll of 70mm blank coloured leader on a 70mm core. No mag tracks. The roll is approx 23cm in diameter. Estimate 150-200m leader. Please send PM if interested.
  8. For sale: ISCO BLUE STAR HD ANAMORPHIC lens attachment. The best 6-element anamorphic lens available for 35mm Cinemascope projection. Near-mint/Mint condition. Please send PM for more info. & price.
  9. For sale: A useful set of various spare parts for the Kinoton reverse scan reader to the DP70 / FP20 / FP30. Offered as a set only. Includes: Dolby LED block, 2 x sound optics with stereo cell board, sound rollers, pressure arm roller, sound-drum with axis. Please send PM for more info.
  10. For sale: 2 x PHILIPS DP70 35/70mm Magnetic Soundheads in used condition. Both 35mm and 70mm parts are used, but worked fine when taken out. Please send Pm if you are interested.
  11. For sale: 2 x DTS D600 35mm Readers. In excellent used condition. Worked fine until taken out. Please send PM for more info.
  12. For sale: 2 x 35mm Erotic (XXX features) from the early 1980:s. (German & french). These features are in generally good condition with nice colour. Please send PM for more info.
  13. For trade: 35mm Shorts, Cartoons etc. I have some vintage cartoons of Popeye, Woody Woodpecker etc. Also some 1930:s shorts such as Charley Chase etc. I am looking to trade for features from the 1980-2010 in good condition. I have a wide taste in film. Please send PM if you are interested,
  14. For sale: 35/70mm Projection Lens ISCO ULTRA MC 2/115mm in excellent condition. The lens is from around the year 2000 and is lightly used. Perfect optics, some small cosmetic marks on the barrel. Please send PM for more info.
  15. For sale: DTS 6D (Blue player with three cd-roms). Made in 1999. The player has been tested recently. Boots up, reads discs fine in all three trays. The unit looks to be in excellent condition. Sold as is - no warranty. Asking €249 plus shipping.
  16. For sale: 35mm Projection lens ISCO ULTRA MC 85mm focal length (Near-mint cond.) Super clear optics. Asking €125 Euro plus postage. Please PM for more info. and photos. Danke.
  17. Wanted/Search: 35mm Print "LADY BEWARE" (1987) with Diane Lane and Michael Woods. Can offer vintage quality 35mm shorts, trailers, music videos and cartoons as swap objects. Please send PM if you can help. Danke.
  18. Hello Roland,


    Hope all is well.

    I am interested in your 35mm list.

    Look forward to see the list.



    1. Thomas Crown

      Thomas Crown

      Hello Roland,


      How are you?

      I am still looking to hear from you regarding the film list.

      Thank you in advance.  



  19. An update to my question above. Does Benoist Berthiot Super_Cinestar & Benoist Berthiot Neo_Cinestar produce the same quality on screen? I have also heard comments that older Benoist Berhtiot can reproduce a superior image on Black/white 35mm prints. What are your views on the topic? I am of course talking about Berthiot lenses in very good condition in these cases. Not damaged junk!
  20. Hello dear friends, Can someone help with feedback on my question above? Danke!
  21. Well, they have not been so active answering e-mails... Perhaps they are on a "Corona-break" at their office?
  22. Thank you. I can google also. I was thinking of getting in touch with someone personally which works there...
  23. Hello friends and colleagues, I am seeking contact with staff which works with the "Kinomobil" project in Germany. Or Kinomobil Baden-Württemberg e.V to be more precise. If you can help, please send me PM with info. Thank you in advance.
  24. Thank you all for your contributions! I am still looking for a VERONESE SX2500 and possibly a SX1600 as a second option. Will offer generously for a projector in really good condition.
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