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  1. Hello friends,


    I am looking for a SONY SDDS DFP-D2500 processor.

    As a trade I offer this set of SDDS/DTS equipment as a package:


    SONY DFP-2000 incl. 2 readers

    SONY DFP-3000

    (+ one defective DTS XD-10 processor)


    Please send PM if you can help out.



  2. For sale is one 35mm trailer reel of these cult trailers from the  70:s/80:s


    1. The Teheran Incident / Missile X - Geheimauftrag Neutronenbombe (1979) Peter Graves, Curd Jürgens. OV Eng. sound

    2.Golden Girl / Karate Girl (1973) Martial arts film. OV Eng. sound.

    3. Der Bockerer (1981) Austrian WW2 film. German sound

    4. Mister Deathman (1977) Blacksploitation action. OV Eng. sound.

    5. Theo Gegen Den Rest Der Welt (1980) German sound.


    All trailers without subtitles. Offered as a set on one reel. Looking to trade for an 35mm XXX feature or XXX trailers with good colour. (AGFA/LPP)

    Please send PM if you are interested.



  3. For sale: 35mm Kowa Anamorphic / Scope Projection Lens (35x2) Made in Japan (Near mint!)

    Works smooth, operates as new. 
    The front and rear element of the anamorphic lens are in mint condition. No fungus, cleaning marks, haze or dust in the lens. 
    There are few small cosmetic marks on the outside barrel. Does not affect the function of the lens. The coating on the rest of the lens are in mint condition.
    The lens has a front cover. This lens has been used sparsely. Asking €125 Euro plus postage.
    Please send PM for details.
    Thank you.



  4. An update to my question above. Does Benoist Berthiot Super_Cinestar & Benoist Berthiot Neo_Cinestar produce the same quality on screen?

    I have also heard comments that older Benoist Berhtiot can reproduce a superior image on Black/white 35mm prints.


    What are your views on the topic?

    I am of course talking about Berthiot lenses in very good condition in these cases. Not damaged junk!

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