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  1. tompa53

    Zeiss Multi Ernophon magnettongerät

    Suche Zeiss Ikon "Multi Ernophon" magnettongerät für Ernemann VIIIB (licht grau hammerschlaglacke) im gutem zustand. 18/5000
  2. tompa53

    Ernemann IX oder VIII B?

    I think perhaps the Bauer U2 is asking for trouble. There are electrical components that looks "burned", or at least have been very hot. There are parts that need to be replaced (or missing), and spare-parts are really hard to find and/or are very expensive. The machine has not been in use for at least 30 years (it was given to me for free), and I have no idea if everything is OK until it´s actually powered up. I also need an optical sound-head rebuilt for Dolby analog stereo. If I can find all missing parts and the cost is reasonable, maybe it´s worth a try. But, I guess any of the two Ernemanns will be the choise. Zeiss projectors has been widely used in Sweden and regarded as very good projectors. From the replies they are from "very gentle on film" to "crap" (compared to Bauers). I´m leaning towards the E IX, but the E VIIIB has a laser/stereo reproducer, so all types of soundtracks can play. Also looking for a pair of 1800m spool-boxes for it, if anyone has or know where to find.
  3. tompa53

    Ernemann IX oder VIII B?

    I´m located in Kristianstad, in the south of Sweden.
  4. tompa53

    Ernemann IX oder VIII B?

    I would love to use the Bauer U2, but it´s not the easiest of the four projectors to get up and running. I also need an optical soundhead rebuilt for analog stereo, or have the original re-built. I very much doubt there is anyone left in Sweden who can do that.
  5. tompa53

    70mm Gate für einen DP70

    Hello, Two 70mm gates for sale on www.ebay.com, search for "70mm norelco" 70mm Norelco, Philips, Todd-AO, Kinoton Conversion Kit No.2 I have some spare aperture plates, if you should need any. Best regards Thomas
  6. tompa53

    Ernemann IX oder VIII B?

    Thank you for the input! The idea is to have a classic projector (in original condition) from the late 1950´s. The E IX is closest. It has optical mono and 4-track magnetic sound. The E VIIIB is re-built for laser-stereo. I actually also have an AGA "Cinemascope" projector with optical mono/magnetic stereo. However the fly-wheel is missing in the optical sound-head, and it has a carbon arc lamp. And also a Bauer U2 fully equipped for 35/70mm. The problem is, it´s quite complicated and the numbers on 8 or 10 cables has fallen off. So it will be a bit difficult to make it run. Otherwise, all projectors seems to be in very good condition. These are nice problems, don´t you think? Thomas Sweden
  7. tompa53

    Ernemann IX oder VIII B?

    Hello Martin. Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I should mention that the E IX is the older type, from the 1950´s. Guess it does not make any difference? Anything particular with the E VIII B, that makes it your second choice? What is not so good? Here in Sweden it´s hard to find spare-parts for the E IX, so it´s good news to hear you have plenty in Germany. Can you please advice me where I can find a dealer? Danke für deine Antwort. Vielleicht sollte ich erwähnen, dass der E IX der ältere Typ aus den 1950er Jahren ist. Ratet mal, dass es keinen Unterschied macht? Besonderes beim E VIII B, das macht es zur zweiten Wahl? Was ist nicht so gut? Hier in Schweden ist es schwierig, Ersatzteile für den E IX zu finden. Daher ist es eine gute Nachricht, zu hören, dass Sie reichlich in Deutschland sind. Können Sie mir bitte sagen, wo ich einen Händler finden kann? Gruß Thomas, Sweden
  8. tompa53

    Ernemann IX oder VIII B?

    Ernemann IX or VIII B? Of the two projectors, wich one do you consider to be the best? Wich one is most gentle to the film and/or produces the best picture? Please answer in English, if possible. Übersetzt mit Google Translate: Welcher dieser beiden Projektoren gilt als besser? Was ist schonend für den Film und/oder gibt das beste Bild? Antworten Sie bitte auf Englisch, falls möglish. Gruß Thomas, Sweden
  9. tompa53

    Filmtrommeln Ernemann IX

    Vielen Dank für Ihre prompte Antwort. Thomas
  10. tompa53

    Filmtrommeln Ernemann IX

    Übersetzt aus dem Schwedischen mit GoogleTranslate: Offenbar gab es für Ernemann IX zwei verschiedene filmtrommeln (600 meter). Könnten Sie den Projektor daher mit einer "Standard" -filmtrommel oder mit der auf Ernemann VIII gefundenen bestellen? War diese filmtrommeln ab 1955 oder bereits ab 1951 optional für den Ernemann IX erhältlich? Thomas Schweden
  11. tompa53

    Zeiss magnetton

    Vielen Dank!
  12. tompa53

    Zeiss magnetton

    Wer weiß, in welchem Jahr Zeiss Multi Ernophon Magnetton-gerät hergestellt hat? Thomas