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Phillips FP3 Lamp Conversion

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As you already show one of my pictures just do it that way. I broke an

old lamp to get the socket and mounted the socket for a 400W halogen

lamp onto it. That all for the mechanics.

Than you have to modify the wireing because originally the lamp is

somehow connected to the motor that runs on 110V too. Find a simple

circuit diagram here:




You can feed the lamp power via an additional plug or via the original

one. In latter case you have to make some room on the pins and

change more of the wireing.


I hope that helps. I case of any further questions please do not hesitate

to ask again.



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Not to bother you, lamp and motor, both are 110 Volts, xyes, but the motor is on a different circuit, as it needs Alternating current. As (on some ships) sometimes DC was used to feed circuits, the lamp is conected to different poles of the plug.

With some Xformers the motor was fed over an insulation winding with 110V IT.

In that case a smaller DC/ AC inverter could be used. Now it makes it simple to just feed 36 Volt over the respective contacts.

The contact 20 is common lamp/motor

contact 60-1 motor, contact 60-2 lamp.

Caution in some later models the No 60 contacts can be bridged, but may be cut to restore individual circuits.



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