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  1. Does anyone know aproximately how many Cinema 180 cinemas operated in Germany during the '80s and '90s? If you want to buy a nice Cinema 180 lens for your home cinema, get it here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ISCO-Wide-Angle-14-3mm-Fisheye-large-film-format-65-70mm-Imax-Projection-Lens/283798854528?hash=item4213badb80:g:h-kAAOSw1mdeWWow Good as a door stop.
  2. Good morning 70mm readers - thanks for the interest in www.in70mm.com To clear out any misconceptions of the "Now showing in 70mm" page. I'll be happy to add 70mm screenings to in70mm.com, but I need the dates in my in-box as an e-mail please. This is the way "now showing" has worked for 15+ years. I have no time to google each and every cinema every week. I let the readers do that. Cheers Thomas, and Schönes Grüss to everyone - even "cinerama" - for the coming Christmas season in lovely 6-track stereo
  3. "Im Pictureville Bradford (Mitkurator Mr. Hauerslev): in digital Ben Hur, Eisstation Zebra, dann Barabbass in 35mm, West Side Story als Dupkopie in 70mm, aber spektakulär dort die erste Hälfte von Südseeabenteuer im 3-streifigen Filmbandoriginal." Mr Gutzeit, as usual, you have no idea what your are talking about. Maybe talk to people and get the facts before you post such garbarge - however entertaining it is to read.
  4. I don't recall "Cinerama" asked me what I think about adding the FG70 projector picture to this forum from my page here: http://in70mm.com/newsletter/1997/49/china/index.htm
  5. Wonderful entertaining and speculative thread about "2OO1" and Mr. Harlan - all rooted in, ........nothing. Well done, highligt of the day. Next year Odyssey turns 50 - I wonder what Warner Brothers will think of. Probably big 12K IMAX Laser 3D release, with extra footage and a new musical track in a gazillion channels by Yello. Anyway back to real world of facts. "Orient Express" will soon open in 14x 70mm prints across Europe: http://www.in70mm.com/news/2017/express/index.htm All the official production info with rare pictures of the 65mm cameras: http://www.in70mm.com/news/2017/express_info/index.htm "Orient Express" was shot in 65mm with Panavision's System 65 cameras. Post production will be all digital in 4k resolution and lasered back out to film at Fotokem in the US. See some footage from the filming in Switzerland with a big French locomotive:
  6. "Watching a rare 70mm film like this, is like drinking a very fine wine. You HAVE to appreciate it." It seems Mr. "CINERAMA" does not understand this concept at all, and feel the need to give his opinion on many things. It would be nice to have Mr. "CINERAMA" in Karlsruhe in 2016 to do a lecture about Ultra Panavision 70 on Sunday morning. 45 minutes. This is an official invitation to do something concrete for 70mm, rather than continue to complain again, again and again about what the rest of us are doing for 70mm. It was a delight to watch an authentic rectified 70mm print on a curved screen, and enjoy the progressive anamorphic compression at both sides of the screen. A unique opportunity to observe how this rare process worked in real life, rather than reading about it in a book or discuss theory. This was real, and I'm proud we did it. For those who were there, I am sure they appreciated the moment, and understood how rare this was. A real vintage 70MM print, with overture, entr'acte and exit music - a print which premiered at the Kinopalæet in Copenhagen in 1965 - on the huge louvered Cinerama screen. Not many 70mm festivals can present a rare print like that on a curved screen. Interstellar was unbelievably sharp whenever IMAX sequences came up on the screen (63 min of Interstellar is pure eye-popping 65mm). Depth, color and resolution was simply stunning. The 35mm blow up sections were outstanding on Schauburg screen. Interstellar in 70MM IMAX was an experience I don't think will come back any time soon. The film in 70MM IMAX was simply breath-taking, and I am certain every print was struck direct from the negative. It would make no sense otherwise. All the best Thomas Todd-AO Festival Film Programmer
  7. Bangladesh: http://www.in70mm.com/news/2012/bangladesh/index.htm Same company made new single-strip internegs of "Windjammer" and "This is Cinerama" by photographing an actual projection of both films. Essentially filming a live performance of both films in the laboratory. That is why you can see the technicians racking the panels up/down during the performance. Can be seen in the remastered versions of both films on Bluray.
  8. http://www.in70mm.com/library/blow_up/year/1983/images/together.jpg from 1983 in the US
  9. Around 7:16 minutes into this video, you can see another distortion corrected Oklahoma! clip projected on my DP70 sometimes in 2002 Since the projection angle is around 0, I've tilted the screen forward to simulate a downward projection angle. "Cigar box" test bench set up - works fine ;-) (who is crazy enough to have a DP70 in his office?) enjoy Todd-AO!
  10. I have a 70mm 3-minutes distortion corrected clip from Oklahoma!, which I will show in October in cool Schauburg - at least I am planning to.
  11. Hi Klaus, very nice Todd-AO schematic you have made. The Cinestage compression was 1.567X to be precise. See: http://www.widescreenmuseum.com/widescreen/cinestage.htm Here are some images of the AO Distortion Correction printer: http://in70mm.com/todd_ao/catalog/mark_III/index.htm
  12. Good morning, the second title in Aalborg 26. April will be "West Side Story" The day program is almost complete: See www.in70mm.com for details http://www.in70mm.co...event/index.htm Will any of you from this Forum join us? Guest from Australia, USA, Sweden, Ireland and UK have already signed up.
  13. I look forward to visit the Leo Kino in Innsbruck tomorrow (Saturday). Will anyone from this Forum, apart from TK-Chris, be there?
  14. Happy New Year. Some of you might be interested in this: http://www.in70mm.co...event/index.htm A 1-day 70mm event in Aalborg, Denmark. Easily reachable from Hamburg by train. Let me know if you are interested. Program to be published later in January
  15. Last year I filmed some footage at the Dagmar Theatre in Copenhagen. It was the last day with 35mm film. The following day the Kinoton machines were removed, scrapped and replaced by digital projectors. See it here if you like:
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