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  1. Thanks for the help everyone, I’ve managed to get the motor running.
  2. https://www.rsem.com/pdf_manuals/Dolby/Current_Products/Dolby_Digital_Readers/Kinoton Basement Reader instructions.pdf
  3. Thanks for the information. If the bottom left board is for the "normal" FP30, I wonder why it's not in the FP30 manual I found. I don't really care about automation so I'll concentrate my efforts on figuring out the connections to this board only.
  4. There was a FP30F manual on eBay, however when I bought it the seller couldn’t find it anymore, so still looking for it if someone has a copy.
  5. For the moment I’ve only disconnected the wires that were cut and were connected to nothing. Before disconnecting the rest, I will be writing down which wire connects what and where in cas I never find the diagrams for my model. Yes I’ve seen the kind of diagrams to expect from my manual, but for me, if I could have the same kind of diagrams for the boards in my projector, it would be enough to understand broadly how everything works. As long as I have the pin-out of each connector, (I can know which wire is 220V power, or 24V, or some logic circuitry, etc ...) it will be enough to understand the minimum I need to have the main motor running.
  6. In the FP23C manual the lens turret board seems very similar to the one on my FP30. So thanks for the link. For the FP30altManual, this is the manual I already have were the electronics are different from those in my projector. Actually this is what I want to do. I plan to disconnect everything and re-do all the wiring from scratch. But for that I need to know what has to be connected on each connector. This is why I’m looking for a manual that has the schematics for the same electronic boards that are in my FP30. The « FP30 alt manual.pdf » that was posted here has different electronics, with different connections. The projector seems quite old as it still says « made in west-Germany » on it.
  7. Yes, it is an old FP30 that seems to have been upgraded with some new equipment. I’ve searched everywhere for the manual of this projector but I can’t find it. It is not there on Film-Tech. I found a manual here but the manual is for another FP30, the electrical equipment is different. On the boards of my projector it says « FP30F ». For the reverse scan soundhead there was no problem to find the manual. (https://www.rsem.com/pdf_manuals/Dolby/Current_Products/Dolby_Digital_Readers/Kinoton Basement Reader instructions.pdf) Thank you for you help.
  8. Hello, I’m sorry to write this in English, I’m French and I don’t speak German. I have recently acquired and old Kinoton projector. And I need help with the wiring and electrical equipment. The cinema that threw out the projector cut a lot of cables. I cannot find a manual for this old model. Could you help me please ? Here are some photos of the projector: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7n7dllqohpr8m3/Photo 03-02-2019 10 26 11.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ocrd8tet43dtii/IMG_2585.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1j6wekawbwjo3g0/IMG_2574.jpg?dl=0
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