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Info sought vintage Benoist Berthiot Lenses

Thomas Crown

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Hello dear friends and lovers of analogue film projection.


I recently did a projection test between a couple of lenses.

Lens No.1 ) Benoist Berthiot Super_Cinestar f=65mm


Lens No.2) Benoist Berthiot Cinestar 70 f=85mm 


Lens No.3 Benoist Berthiot Neo_Cinestar f=65mm


They looked very nice on screen with clear focus and quite beautiful colour rendition.


Is there anyone which can help me with information about these lenses?

What is the difference between Cinestar, Super_Cinstar and Neo_Cinestar? 

Are these former premium lenses? They seem to be of high quality.


Any help appreciated.


Kind regards.

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An update to my question above. Does Benoist Berthiot Super_Cinestar & Benoist Berthiot Neo_Cinestar produce the same quality on screen?

I have also heard comments that older Benoist Berhtiot can reproduce a superior image on Black/white 35mm prints.


What are your views on the topic?

I am of course talking about Berthiot lenses in very good condition in these cases. Not damaged junk!

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Are you really into those vintage lenses?  Glass ages. Modern calculations are better. Anti reflex coatings have improved vastly. Modern designs are glueless, better heat withstanding. 

They were also sold under the Alinar name by Zeiss Ikon. 

I have solely used them in vintage projectors on display, machines, where people can put their fingers on lenses.

In projections ours are Isco Ulktra Star HD Studio, Ultra Star HD for 70 mm 8 perf, Schneider VP, Schneider Premiere.

All offer way improved MTF and resolution over these 1950/1960 lenses,

Old glass is valuable raw stock, please recycle.

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