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Eumig P8 maintenance help


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Hi everyone 

Sorry for using English in this website 

I have Eumig P8 projector 

Yesterday I was trying to start it it's get hot so much and after that happen electricity brack down little smoke out from the machine 

What I think it was the Kondensator it's too old never been changed and it was stored more than 20 years without run 

I will attach the Kondensator picture I need to know how I can replace it and what kind of Kondensator I will buy 

Thanks you 



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Hi Olez,


where do you come from? I am wondering you use the term "Kondensator" instead capacitor. The capacitor showed on the image is labeled in swedish. But the electric values are not visible on your pic. BTW, please change the voltage attenuator to "240". Please report if the mechanism is running smoothly. For example the main shaft and the film transport.

May be could are even more other defective electric parts.

Regards and nice weekend.

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Some more pictures showing all other sides of the electronic component are necessary (especially showing everything that is written and all wires connected to it).

I agree fully with Gizmo regarding other possible root causes for the defect, setting the voltage selector to 240V is also a pretty good idea 😉

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Thanks for your reply 

I live I Norway I agree about its capacitor its not available anymore in the market 😕 and I saw there are damage in the capacitor I will attach more pictures no problem 😊 

I can't change anything anymore as I said smoke out from the eumig p8 and if you noticed the red wire not connected anymore with the capacitor because the damage 



Best regards 

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I‘m pretty confident that this a XY noise suppression capacitor and not what is usually called „motor capacitor“.

You would need 3 separate capacitors, 2 times 0.04 microfarad (= 40nF today 47 nF or 39 nF) and 1 capacitor 0.1 microfarad (= 100 nF), all as ceramic capacitor and for a max voltage of 250 V(AC)/440 V (DC) or higher (better).

You‘ll need to solder them together as shown on this picture:



The red wire goes probably to the middle connection to the left (where there is now that hole).

Just cut-off the 3 wires, remove the old component and connect the wires to the new components (all blank contacts well isolated!)



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